heroin bestman

A man from Maryland has been sentenced to seven years in prison for selling heroin on dark web markets.

The court records say that, 44 year old Russell Ramseur, of Maryland, was selling drugs on the darkweb from April 2014 to December 2015. He admitted to operating a vendor account under the username “Bestman365” on the Pandora and Agora darkweb markets. Ramseur controlled the multiple accounts that shared the same PGP key (‘0x8E8A1347A9E769AE’). You can find these records on Recon:

  • Expressman on Agora;
  • Bestman365 on Agora;
  • Expressman on Evolution;
  • Bestman365 on Pandora
  • kingofcokeman on Agora and;
  • MRGOOD247 on Dream,

Investigators intercepted as many as nine packages, during the investigation into Ramseur’s drug trafficking operation. The Police also found $13,000 in cash when searching a house that was owned by one of Ramseur’s co-conspirators. Ramseur also told the police that the cash seized was earned from his heroin trafficking operation.

Investigators estimated that Ramseur had distributed between one and three kilograms of heroin during the course of his operation. The police estimated this number based on the reviews from the Bestman365 account and the “the length of the drug trafficking conspiracy.” Ramseur agreed with that estimation, saying it was “reasonably foreseeable” that he had sold between one and three kilograms.

heroin bestman
Heroin Vendor

He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute at least one kilogram of heroin and also pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute. He was sentenced on November 9, 2021, by US District Judge George J. Hazel who sentenced him to seven years in federal prison with five years of supervised release.