Bohemia Market

Bohemia darkweb market.

Status: Active

Launch DateJuly 2022
Main Linktghyfsmxu75skopzpgt6j47ntrnneuytho2k4fvka4asc65kme4xeiad.onion
2 Factor Authentication
Finalize EarlyYES
Vendor Bond$150
User PerceptionGood
Bohemia Market

User Control Panel on Bohemia Market

Your user control panel on Bohemia Market is an important section of the platform as it provides important functionality (such as editing your account details, and withdrawing funds off-site).

In the “Edit Profile” tab, you can upload your own custom avatar, and set a publicly viewable description of yourself in the “About Me” section.

Should you wish to change your pin, you can do so by clicking “Change PIN”. As your PIN is vital to withdrawing funds from the market, we have implemented an additional stage of verification from those you may already be used too, and this has been done with the protection of our users funds in mind. You will be required not only to confirm your current PIN and password, but also three random words from your mnemonic phrase (as per provided during registration).

You can change your password in the “Change Password” section by entering the current password, PIN, and the new desired password. We advise not only a strong password containing letters, numbers and symbols, but to also modify your password on a regular basis for the best protection & safety.

Finally, if you did not add your PGP key during registration, you can do so by clicking “Settings”. Here, you can also modify the default currency which will be displayed to you accross the platform.

Affiliate Market Bohemia Market

We have implemented an affiliate program here at Bohemia Market, of which has primarily been designed to reward those who invite users to the platform prior to their registration.

For each purchase made by the person(s) you have invited through your referral link, you will receive 25% of the platforms percentage deduction for those purchases. For example, if the platform percentage deduction is 4%, and the item purchased by the referred user has a base cost of $100 – you will effectively receive 25% of that 4% cut.

These funds will automatically be credited to your balance and can either be withdrawn or used as a spendable balance.

Your personal referral invitation link can be found in the “User CP” alongside the associated statistics, as well as inside the “Affiliate Program” widget, located at the bottom left hand side of the homepage.

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Bohemia Market

Feedback on Bohemia Market

Bohemia operates a feedback system on both vendor, and buyer profiles. This provides buyers with the opportunity to leave feedback for purchases made, and for merchants to also leave feedback for any orders theyve previously fulfilled.

Once an order has been fulfilled and marked as finalized, both buyer and merchant parties will be presented with the option to leave feedback from within the order details page.

Buyers can rate the products quality, overall logistics, and merchant communication for the purchase in question via the use of our star ratings feature, along with a brief snippet of text detailing their experience or discrepancies.

Aside from the above, the buyer can also rate their purchase as “Positive”, “Neutral” or “Negative”. This rating will attribute to the product and merchants feedback score and overall level on the platform.

Each buyer rating can be found when viewing a product page, and via the corresponding merchant profile. Although publicly viewable by any member on the platform, usernames are censored to protect buyers and their rights to customer confidentiality.

Its important to leave feedback on any orders placed, as it can and will be used by other members of the community to vet a potential vendor theyre considering to purchase from.

Likewise, merchants also have the ability to provide feedback for buyers which have purchased from their store. This will provide merchants the ability to voice any praise / concerns and positive / negative comments towards a buyer to give other merchants and users an insight as to how they conduct themselves when purchasing.