Incognito market

Incognito Market is a simultaneously secure and simple to use darkweb market. Incognito market was built to remove the danger of buying drugs on the streets.

Status: Active

Launch Date 2022
Main Link 2nc5i6rfv2j4i7agahklgimcumrhzp2wi4mt2qgklwb5dmi7zs6zpyyd.onion
Security Good
2 Factor Authentication YES
Multisignature YES
Finalize Early YES
Commission Varied
Vendor Bond
Forced PGP YES
Status Active
User Perception Good
Incognito Market

Incognito Market Terms

Incognito Market is a market built to make the danger of buying drugs on the streets almost non-existent. To build a safer market for our users, we implement these rules. Anyone found breaking these rules will be penalized according to moderators’ discretion, usually involving a ban and blacklisting from the market. The allowed products on this market are mainstream narcotics of the Stimulant, Psychedelic, Dissociative, Benzodiazepine, Research Chemical, Entactogen, Opioid, or Cannabinoid classes, as well as alcohol and tobacco products, and assorted paraphernalia for growing, synthesis, manufacture, consumption, or similar activity related to these substances.

1: No sale or offer of gore or pornographic materials. In this context, “gore” is defined as any media (be it picture, video, or other, electronic or physical) that involves the abuse or harm of any person or animal, whether living or dead, and “pornographic materials” is identified as any media (be it picture, video or other, electronic or physical) designed to be sexually appealing to a certain group. The ban on pornography also includes child, animal, or harm-based media.

2: No sale or offer of weaponry, arms, or toxic/explosive materials and substances, including but not limited to:

  • – Guns (including handguns, rifles and shotguns), even if for decorative or collecting purposes or for the purposes of hunting animals or self-defence. Ammunition and add-ons for firearms (including rifle scops, laser pointers, or modifications) are also banned.
  • – Bladed weapons (including machetes, swords, axes, bayonets, knives, daggers or improvised bladed weapons), even if for decorative or collecting purposes or for the purposes of hunting animals or self-defence.
  • – Explosives (including incendiary devices, grenades, bombs, land mines, pipe bombs, car bombs, and IEDs).
  • – Any chemical that has poisonous, irritant or solely harmful capabilities (such as, but not limited to, pepper spray/Mace, chlorine and similar gases and chemicals, or any poisonous compound such as ricin or cyanide).
  • – Non-lethal but still harmful weapons such as police batons, Tasers/stun guns, or clubs.
  • – Apparel such as bulletproof or stab-proof vests, riot gear, helmets, gas masks, ammo belts and pouches, bulletproof material,
  • – Information about the synthesis of banned chemicals and substances, or information about, blueprints for, or materials for the creation of any of the above banned items and substances is also banned.

3: No sale of malware or fraud methods or items. Fraud and malware as a whole is disallowed on this market. The term “fraud” is also used here to encompass counterfeit money or items, fake IDs/passports/driver’s licences, or the sale of items gained via carding or similar fraudulent methods.

4: We disallow any sale of fentanyl or its analogues and related chemicals, including carfentanyl or products containing fentanyl or carfentanyl. Any vendor found to be selling products containing fentanyl or carfentanyl under a different name to circumvent this rule will be promptly banned.

5: No sale of fake, underdosed, dishonestly labelled, inactive, dangerous, or low-quality product.

6: No sale of live or dead animals, in whole or in part, including both regular pets or exotic animals. This includes ivory, bone, teeth, fur, feathers, skin, claws, organs, or bodily fluids. This rule also encompasses the sale of living or dead humans or of human parts, including bones, teeth, hair, skin, organs, bodily fluids, for any reason. This is not a market for human trafficking or buying tiger-fur rugs.

7: No advertising or sale of services related to harm of another human being or animal, whether real or fake. This includes advertising or selling media of harm or abuse (see rule #1), hitman services, red rooms, torture services, mental, physical or emotional harm, stalking, etc.

8: No doxxing, extortion or blackmail. Anybody, whether vendor, buyer or other, found to be engaging in this practice will be banned immediately.

9: No scamming, whether by vendor or buyer. Our team takes this very seriously, and perpetrators will be banned.

10: No directing buyers away from the market to direct deals or other markets in their public profile. Also, vendors found to be directing buyers away from the market escrow to scam via direct deal or other method will be banned.

11: No phishing or impersonation of staff, vendors or buyers on the market to confuse, trick or steal from any users of this market.

12: No malformed inbound or outbound crypto transactions whether intentional or unintentional.

13: No spamming, including but not restricting to the following functionalities: messaging, ordering, listing and support.

14: Incognito market team reserves the right to modify these terms.

Incognito Market

Knowledge Base

Getting Started on Incognito market

How do I sign up?

Click “Register Now” to go to the sign up page. There, you need to select your username and password, you’ll be required to re-enter your password in case of typos. After filling out the captcha field, hit “Register”.

If everything was done correctly it’ll take you a page displaying your unique secret word and your mnemonic key/phrase, please save them securely. Your account secret will be displayed to you along with your mnemonic if your signup is successful.

How do I sign in?

Buyer/Vendor: Enter your username, secret word generated on registration, and your password. Do the captcha then hit “Login”.

Employee: Enter the vendor’s username and the token given to you from the vendor. Do the captcha then hit “Login”.Deposits

How do I deposit funds?

Click the coin icon on Incognito Market the right side of the navbar, a popup will appear. Select “Deposit” to go to the deposit page. Click “Request New Address” to generate deposit addresses. Note that you should always PGP-verify your mirror to ensure you are not on a phishing site. You have six hours to confirm your funds on the blockchain network.

How long do I have to wait until the deposited funds appear on the market wallet?

We require one confirmation for Bitcoin and two confirmations for Monero on the blockchain network. Your balance will be credited within twenty minutes after the criteria is met.

Why hasn’t my balance been updated?

There are three possibilities for this. First is that the address you deposited to either has a typo or is not generated by us. Second is that the transaction has not been broadcasted or confirmed yet. The last possibility is that the confirmations failed to be done within the six hour limit as specified on the deposit page.

What will happen if I send multiple deposits?

All deposits that are received by the deposit address within the time limit will be added to your balance.Withdrawals

How do I withdraw funds?

Click the coin icon on the right side of the incognito market navbar, a popup will appear. Select “Withdraw” to go to the withdrawal page. Click “New Withdrawal” to start a new withdrawal. Select the withdrawal currency and amount then click “Withdraw” to proceed.

What are the withdrawal limits on incognito market?

There is a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.001BTC for Bitcoin and 0.0002XMR for Monero to prevent dust withdrawals on incognito market.

Why can I only withdraw once per hour?

This limit is in place to prevent load or deanonymization attacks on our crypto servers.

What are the withdrawal fees?

We do not charge withdrawal fees, only blockchain transaction fees are deducted. For Bitcoin, the transactions’ confirmation targets are set at two blocks. For Monero, we use a flat fee of 0.0001XMR incognito market.

How long do I have to wait until the withdrawals are processed?

Withdrawals are usually processed within twenty minutes by our systems on incognito market.

What does “analyze receiving address” do?

This queues the receiving address for a fund cleaness check on our blockchain analysis service: Antinalysis.Listings

How does the “random” option in listings and vendor list work?

A random seed is generated every time you sign in, and stays with you for the session until you sign out. The reason for this is that each listing gets a chance to be at the top of the list while not messing up the pagination.

What does “Finalize Early” or “FE” marked on listings mean?

This means that the vendor has good vendor history and is granted a privilege that allows their revenues to skip the escrow process. These orders are finalized automatically after the vendor marks the order as shipped. Note that FE deprives the buyer the chance of disputes, so please purchase at your own risk.

What does “AF Time” on the listings mean?

Discussed in detail in the Orders section below.

What does “Fent-Free” banner mean?

Fent-free listings mean that the vendor uploaded a photo containing a part of the item, a handwritten timestamp, and a negative fent strip in one of the listing image slots. If a listing is labelled “Fent-Free” but does not include an image as mentioned, please report it to us via ticket immediately.Checkout incognito market

How do I checkout an item?

On the individual item pages, fill in the quantity, select the currency and shippin options, and click “Checkout Now”. You will be redirected to a new page with the listing and order summary. Please fill out your shipping information and the captcha. Click “Confirm Checkout” to proceed.

What do the two payment options mean?

Deduct from incognito Market Balance: Funds will be deducted from your onsite wallet balance immediately.

Lock Order & Deposit: The order will be marked as “Unpaid” and will be available at the same total price for two hours to allow the buyer to deposit the exact amount of crypto onto the site.

Should I use the autoencrypt functionality?

No you should always manually encrypt your shipping information manually before submitting them. Auto-encryption is only there as a failsafe in case you forgot to encrypt by accident.

How do I checkout a dead drop order?

Simply send the longtitude and latitude of the reference point and the radius to the vendor. The vendor will select and send a coordinate within the range, along with an instruction on how to retrieve the item after the item is marked as Shipped.Orders

What are the order statuses and what do they mean?

Unpaid: The order on incognito market is locked and will be available for two hours after being created.

Pending: Order on incognito market is submitted successfully, but there’s no action on the vendor’s side yet. Orders in this status can be cancelled by the buyer for a full refund without a dispute.

Accepted: The vendor acknowledges the order and chooses to accept the order. Vendors most likely are getting your product ready and wrapped up before shipping at this point. Starting from this status, orders require a dispute to be refunded.

Shipped: The vendor marks this order as shipped. The order funds enter escrow, and the AF timer starts counting down when the status changes to this. Note that FE orders do not have this status since the escrow process is skipped.

Refunded: The order is terminated with the funds returned to the buyer. This can be done either by the vendor or by the moderators.

Auto-Finalized: The order is fulfilled with the funds finalized automatically to the vendor due to the AF timer exceeds.

Finalized Early: The order is a FE order and the vendor has marked the order as shipped. Funds are finalized to the vendor.

Finalized: Buyer receives the order, found no problems and releases the escrow funds to the vendor.

What is the auto-finalizing timeout or “AF Time”?

It is the timeout until the escrowed funds are released after the vendor marks the order as shipped. The timeout is between six and twenty-four days, which is set by the vendor per listing.Disputes

How do I open a dispute?

Click the “Dispute” button on the order you wish to open a dispute on. A threeway chat betweem the vendor, buyer and moderators will be opened.

What are the possible outcomes of a dispute?

The order might get unfrozen, refunded, or have it’s AF timer extended by a week.Apply Vending

How do I apply to be a vendor?

Simply register an account on the market and click the “Apply Vending” button in the navbar. Select your application type and send us your application on the market. Your PGP public key fingerprint will automatically be used to fetch your vendor history. Also, please be sure to include a PGP-signed message that includes a brief introduction about yourself, either a list of your current and former markets, what you sell, or a link to your Recon page should suffice. Applications without this will be ignored.

What is the vendor bond?

Currently, there is a 300.00USD bond for new vendors on incognito market, as displayed in the application page. Established vendors can set up shop on our market for free, while new vendors are not allowed on the market until a bond is deposited to protect our users from scammers.Vendor Panel

How does the bulk listing work?

Bulk listings allow vendors to add listings with multiple pricing options for different amounts. In other words, offer discounts for larger quantities. i.e. “if ordered more than 10 units, multiply price by 70 percent” means that when the buyer orders more than 10 units, he gets 30 percent off as a discount.

What are the limitations on the images uploaded?

Only jpeg/jpg format are allowed due to limitations on our processors that strips EXIF and resamples the images for security reasons. The total upload size for each form must not exceed 5MB.

How do I set shipping options?

You can find shipping options in the settings tab, they are set on a per-vendor basis.

How can I access Incogbot on jabber?

Currently, we only provide jabber bot service to vendors. The setup and information will be in the settings panel once you are authorized. Please follow the instructions to get your jid whitelisted.

How can I generate employee tokens?

You can find the employee settings in the settings page. Please remember to press the “Update” button to save the settings.

How can I set my account to vacation mode?

You can find the vacation mode settings in the settings page. Simply flip the switch and press save.Exchange

How do I initiate an exchange?

Simply type in the amount you want to exchange and click market order, or if you want to specific a rate range, please use the limit order functionality. These should work like normal exchanges.

What are makers and takers?

Makers are liquidity providers on incognito market link, aka the orders inside the liquidity pool. Takers are the users that execute/transact with the existing orders. There is a 2% fee on makers to incentivize users to reduce the total pending exchange orders.

Are there any hidden fees?

The rates are decided by the maker, we only charge a 2% maker fee, so if you market order exchanges, you can do it for free.