DrugHub Market

DrugHub darkweb market.

Status: Active

Market Link: http://bijsq2itaexbczwjugdjsu5dvbrbjwcxzv433kkbxh2yb3sovzukrcad.onion

Launch Date 2023
Main Linkbijsq2itaexbczwjugdjsu5dvbrbjwcxzv433kkbxh2yb3sovzukrcad.onion
2 Factor Authentication
Finalize EarlyYES
Vendor Bond$150


DrugHub Market

Since everything is pretty straightforward we do not provide step by step instructions, just read the blue popups and you shouldn’t have any issue whatsoever.

We added a basic buyer guide: /info/buyer-guide

In order to use this market you need basic knowledge on PGP and Monero. We do not provide guides on neither of those but there are plenty on the Internet. We suggest you head to the Dread forum and the Dark Net Buyer Bible you will find valuable information over there. Links below.

With our mirror distribution system uptime, speed an reliability are almost guaranteed. You just need to write down our link distribution onion:
If that doesn’t work, remember our clearnet domain: https://drughub.su/
Things can always go wrong. In the unlikely event you cannot reach us please head to our Dread sub, you will find updates there. Please note our Dread sub is not for support, support only via market system.

We have added a permanent mirror with PoW enabled:
Mirrors under Market Links
Always verify PGP signatures regardless of your link source.

Useful resources:

  • Dark Net Buyer Bible:
  • The Drug Users Bible by Dominic Milton Trott
  • Dread Forum
  • Daunt (Link directory part of the Dread Network)
  • Scope (Link directory and market archive)
  • Pitch (A free Tor only social media platform that allows users to share posts and follow other users.)
  • Dark Eye (Darknet sites directory):
  • DarkNetTrust (Vendor and market archive):
  • Dig (Market search engine created by Pitch):
  • Other link distribution portals:
  • Useful Dread subs:

For privacy and security reasons you need to copy and paste those links.