Archetyp Market

Welcome to Archetyp – a new DNM! Archetyp offers a lot of features, some you never saw before. They list most features on this page for quick comparison against other darkweb markets.

Status: Active

Launch Date 2021
Main Link msq7nhsdiwvykxhlwj33n3di5agwj2o2ztevdua3xqeduy3natqogzyd.onion
Security Good
2 Factor Authentication YES
Multisignature No
Finalize Early YES
Vendor Commission
Vendor Bond
Forced PGP NO
Status Active
User Perception Good

Archetyp Market

Highlights / Uniqueness Archetyp market

Quantity Sort. Sort listings by amount to find the cheapest price per gram with one single search.

No image mode. Disable loading and displaying images. Less requests, less traffic and improved performance.

Worldwide. We are a worldwide operating market.

XMR only. We only offer cryptocurrencies with highest privacy standards, to protect our users.

Development . Archetyp is in constant development to offer unique features and an unique experience.

General features of Archetyp Market

Referral system. Anonymous yet transparent referral system, if you help us grow, you gain as well.

Favorites. Keep track of your favorite listings and vendors to get the job done as quick as possible.

Feedback. Straight feedback. No levelsystem or hidden magic. Your ratings and suggestions count.

Monero on Archetyp Market

Deposits: Archetyp Market uses integrated wallets, your Monero deposit address is static and will never change.
It will look like this:

To make a deposit, simply press /wallet or check top right corner and open up your wallet and copy your Monero Wallet Address.

Withdrawals: Open your wallet and fill in XMR address to send to, XMR amount and PIN code.
There is 1Euro fee for withdrawals to decrease spam.

Can i send directly from Exchange?

Technically yes, however you should avoid this.
Your transaction should look like this Exchange > Private Wallet > Archetyp

Private Wallet should be a local wallet you have full control over, with or without hardware wallet.

Which Wallet should i use?

We recommend GUI Monero

Open Source and developed by Monero Community
Compatible with hardware wallets (Trezor & Ledger)
Simple mode for less technical users and Advanced mode
30+ languages
Archetyp Market

Rules of Archetyp Market

While this is a “darknet” marketplace, this is not a place without rules and values.

Do’s of Archetyp Market

Be friendly. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Good behavior is always encouraged.

Be fair. Provide fair and honest feedback, understand possible issues on the other end.

Be honest. Describe your goods properly, tell others the truth while maintaining your OPSEC standards.

Be helpful. Report violations, provide guidance for those in need. We are stronger together.

Don’ts of Archetyp MArket

Sell forbidden goods. Everything related to porn, racism, weapons, poisons, fraud and scam is strictly forbidden.

Hurt individuals. Personal data, doxing, data of individual persons is strictly forbidden on the platform.

Be evil. Insults, personal attacks or any similar negative behavior is not being tolerated.

Archetyp Market