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Wasabi Wallet as the name indicate is not a bitcoin mixer but a bitcoin wallet, I am adding Wasabi Wallet in the mixers section because it is popular for it’s CoinJoin feature.

Wasabi Wallet is a non-custodial, open-source, privacy centered Bitcoin wallet for Windows, Linux and Mac. Wasabi Wallet includes support for Tor, CoinJoin feature and coin control features.

Launch Date 2018
Main Link https://www.wasabiwallet.io
Tor Mirror http://wasabiukrxmkdgve5kynjztuovbg43uxcbcxn6y2okcrsg7gb6jdmbad.onion
Status Active
User Perception Positive

Wasabi Wallet Features

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Control over your Bitcoin

Wasabi Wallet gives you complete control over your bitcoins. What this means is that no third party can freeze or steal your bitcoin. This places the responsibility

Centralized validation

By default this wallet relies on a centralized service. The implication is that a third party must be trusted to not hide or simulate bitcoin payments.

Total transparency

This Wallet is built deterministically and is also open-source and. This openness is great and proves that the code of Wasabi is not hiding any secret.

Great privacy

This Wallet prevents spying on your bitcoin transactions.

Wasabi Wallet makes it harder to spy on your transaction balance and bitcoin payments by rotating the bitcoin addresses. Always use a new Bitcoin address each time you start a new transaction.

This wallet limit information disclosed to peers on the network when receiving or sending a bitcoin payment.

Security Risks

This Wallet can be loaded on computers which are vulnerable to malware, spyware and viruses. This means that you have to take precautions to secure your bitcoins. Precautions like, using a strong password, moving most of your bitcoin to cold storage and enabling two-factor authentication.

Always use Tor With Wasabi

With this wallet you can setup and use Tor as a proxy to prevent attackers or Internet service providers from connecting your payments to your IP address.

Dynamic transaction fee

This Wallet provides transaction fee suggestions which are based on the network conditions at the time they were provided, you can override this fee if you wish. This means that Wasabi Wallet make choosing the appropriate fee for your bitcoin transactions. Your bitcoin transactions are confirmed in a timely manner without overpaying, you ultimately have the power to override the suggested fee.

Always take your privacy seriously when using Dark web links and dark web markets.