BitcoinMix mixer

Launched in 2015, BitcoinMix is another bitcoin mixer that claim it does not store logs, identifying information and deletes all information about a transaction when it is finished.

The features of BitcoinMix:

  • This service does not store logs on their servers;
  • This service claims that information about incomplete transactions are stored in order to help the user when necessary;
  • They claim this information is instantly deleted when transactions are completed;
  • This service does not maintain any email database;
  • Commission from each transaction is randomized between 2 and 5%, but you can set the size of each transaction yourself;
  • Bitcoin mixing is fully automated (a user is not involved in the process).

BitcoinMix offers an affiliate program with a reward of up to 65% of referral commissions and instant payments.

Status: Active

Launch Date 2015
Main Link
Tor Mirror —-
Status Active
User Perception Positive

BitcoinMix FAQ

How much do they charge for commission?

Between 2% and 5%.

Do they store logs?

They claim that they do not store logs so there is no information available to help any organization or individual about users activity. They say what they do store is for system storage optimization and for users anonymity.

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