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Torrez Market has closed.

Launched in February 2020, Torrez market is popular, with thousands of listings. The admins call themselves “free internet” enthusiasts. Torrez claims to be the first “Community Driven Market.”

The admins of Torrez market claim that they developed their market from scratch, to improve security. Torrez market is usable with a good user interface.

You can find dark web links for ToRReZ market here.

Status: Defunct

Launch Date February 2020
Main Link yxuy5xz47xt3evrfrleszwwksbgaw5alrrywwxooojosgcj2f7vfyiad.onion
Security Good
2 Factor Authentication YES
Multisignature YES
Finalize Early YES
Monero YES
Commission 5/6%
Vendor Bond $500
Forced PGP
Status Active
User Perception Good
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ToRReZ market F.A.Q.

Before using ToRRez Market, we encourage all users to have a look into the FAQ section. Here we try to answer the most common questions that users might have while using our Market. It is also a knowledgebase about ToRReZ Market.

What cryptocurrencies can I use here?

We strongly support the usage of Monero. Unfortunately, it is only available in Simple Escrow. For the moment, we also support Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash – all three with multisignatures support. Unfortunately, Zcash offers only multisignatures on T addresses. We do support Z addresses as well but only in Simple Escrow System.

Will you add X crypto as a payment option?

ToRReZ is a Community-Driven Market, we are doing voting after we get enough requests to make one. The outcome depends on the needs of our users.

Do you have regular wallets that I can top up like on other markets?

Yes. After many requests from our community we have enabled on site wallets which can be solely used for purchasing and selling purposes.

What is a Direct Payment System?

Direct Payment is a system created to minimize the risk of losing funds for Buyers and Vendors. Instead of an old fashioned wallet approach, where the user sends funds to the Market and then makes a purchase, we have decided for a change. How does it work? While a user creates an order, we generate a unique payment address (Monero, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash). The user transfers funds to the given address.

After order completion on ToRRez, we transfer funds from the same address to the Vendor’s payout address or Buyer’s one, in case of a refund. One thing to remember is: while Simple Escrow is a way much better system than the conventional wallet system, it is still not an ideal one. In the case of the Market’s closure, seizure, or scam-exit, all funds held on Escrow are locked. If you find any other market with this kind of Escrow system claiming that they have an entirely safe solution – it is a lie. Only Multisignature Transactions 2-of-3 makes the transaction safe for Buyers and Vendors.

ToRReZ market listing
What is Multisignature Escrow?

ToRReZ market uses the most convenient and safe Multi signatures, where we require 2 of them to sign a transaction while we have three parties on every transaction. What does it mean in simple words? Buyer, Vendor, and The Market have control of the funds, but two of them have to agree to spend them. So in case, the Market goes down, close, get seized by LE, then Buyer and Vendor can still finish the purchase. If Vendor scam exits, the Market issues refund to the buyer, which has to approve it by signing a transaction.

What is Finalize Early?

Finalize Early (also called “FE”) is an option for vendor to release his funds from escrow as soon as the order is accepted. This option is granted by administration, only per individual request after careful verification. FE is given only to the vendors with good reputation and verifiable history. This does not mean that the market vouches for any vendor with FE status granted. Using Finalize Early means that vendor can end the escrow on their own and get funds earlier.

Because of that ToRReZ dark web market administration cannot issue a refund in case of the dispute, this will be up to the vendor. Of course buyer is still able to give proper feedback for the purchase. We have two types of Finalize Early listings – optional and required. Required mode enables FE for all purchases of such item automatically, and optional gives the buyer final decision to enable (or not) Finalize Early during the purchase.

What if I send for the purchase not enough, or too much?

If you send not enough funds, then you can still send the remaining amount. You cannot do more than four transactions for one purchase. Please keep in mind that every single transfer will require the minimum confirmations (depending on the chosen currency). If you send too much, we will refund the difference to your wallet once the order is finalized.

Keep in mind that you need to have wallet enabled before making the purchase to receive overpaid refund. Otherwise we will keep those funds as we do not refund this kind of mistake to avoid any attempts to profile/locate our wallets.

What if I send the funds but they will not meet the 24h payment window?

If you sent the transfer with low fee and your funds will be confirmed 24h after you make an order, the refund will be issued to your onsite wallet. In this case you will not be able to see the order any more. Just keep watching your coin ledger to see if refund is already here. This is automated process so there is no need to notify administration about that.

How does the Dispute system work?

Simple. Buyer, while pressing the Dispute button, cancels all automation. From that time, we have a communication system ready for both sides. The administration is aware of every dispute and has access to the communication between Buyer and Vendor. If both parties cannot agree, Admin decides which side is a winning side.

The buyer can also close and finalize the Dispute unassisted, anytime while it is open. Please keep in mind that every Vendor should have personal Terms of Service, and we can try to push the Vendor to execute them. The Market is not reliable for the quality of an item. If the Buyer got purchased item but is not happy about the quality, the fair is to finalize the order but leave Neutral or Negative feedback with the proper description.

I have not received my item, what can I do?

If your order auto-finalize time comes to an end and you still have not received your item, you can extend your auto-finalize timer. Depending on type of your item, extension time can be different. The physical items can be extended up to 14 days, digital ones up to 4 days. If you still did not get your item and you have no more extension time then you have to dispute the order. This way system stops the counter and waits for the Vendor’s response or your action. You can either send the message to the Vendor (or admin) or finalize the order if your delivery arrived by that time.

How much time do I have for X action on the site?

Below you can find the timetable of allowed timeframes for most of the purchase actions.

Item typeOrder statusRequired actionExpected timeframeOutcome if failed to meet the timeframe
Physical / DigitalWaiting for paymentPayment for the purchase24 hoursOrder is canceled
PhysicalWaiting for shippingItem shipment72 hoursOrder is canceled and refunded
DigitalWaiting for shippingItem shipment – in order’s conversation48 hoursOrder is canceled and refunded
PhysicalShippedFinalize or Dispute7 daysOrder is mark as done, the Vendor gets payout
DigitalShippedFinalize or Dispute48 hoursOrder is mark as done, the Vendor gets payout
Physical / DigitalCompletedLeave or edit feedback14 daysNo feedback left
How can I become a vendor on ToRReZ?

It is quite simple. You have to register on the site, provide your PGP Key and go to Become a Vendor! link. The Regular Vendor has no listing limits and costs $500.00.
Vendors, with positive history from other markets, are exempt from the Vendor’s Fee. More details about the requirements for a bond waiver can be found on Become Vendor sub page.

What is Vendor Rank?

This is our internal system to identify how much sales Vendor does on our market. Please have a look at the table below to find out how we rank our Vendor

RankItems Sold
Rank 00-9
Rank 110-99
Rank 2100-199
Rank 3200-299
Rank 4300-399
Rank 5400-499
Rank 6500-599
Rank 7600-699
Rank 8700-799
Rank 9800-899
Rank 10900-999
Top Sellerfrom 1000
What is Vendor Verification?

Every Vendor on ToRReZ dark web market that has a positive history from other markets (working, or not) and can prove that, can get a Verification Badge with the number of markets he/she has a history. If the Vendor does not verify from any other market, it does not mean that he/she can be trusted less or more. Those are just indicators of Vendor activity on other markets, and you always should make your own judgment before purchasing items from any Vendor.

What is Junior Vendor?

Junior vendor account on ToRReZ was available for purchase until June 2020. Currently, Junior account can be assigned by administration only. This is the account designed for the beginners, trying to establish their new accounts.

How much are the fees for selling items?

ToRRez market fees depend on the Vendor account type. Junior Vendor pays higher fees for every sold item. For security reasons, we take the random fee from a range of 5 to 6 percent of an order price. Only the Vendor covers fees; buyers are not paying any fees on the market. The regular Vendor’s range is smaller from 4 to 5 percent.

What details do I need to provide to get paid as a Vendor?

It depends if you have on site wallet enabled. If you do, then there is nothing else you have to set. After you enable your wallet you can start selling and enable all the coins available, all in Simple Escrow mode only (or Finalize Early if you have it).

If you want to use autowitdrawal function or enable Multisignature Escrow (BTC and LTC only), you need to set: For Bitcoin and Litecoin, we accept xpub, ypub, or zpub. For Zcash, we accept xpub or Z-Address. For Monero, we accept Monero Address. For more info about this, please have a look into the Funds & Security section.

What is Vendor Away Mode?

If Vendor sets away mode, it means that he/she does not process orders by that time. Also, we show items from away Vendors on the very bottom of the list, and items are not purchasable by that time.

Are they any prohibited items to sell?

Yes. ToRRez market does not allow any child pornography or any resources that might lead to it. Also, any items connected to selling humans or their parts are prohibited. We do not allow selling Fentanyl or any other poison. We do not allow to sell guns, explosives, or any items which may lead to any terroristic actions. Any kind of “transfers” between money related accounts like PayPal, WesternUnion etc are prohibited. All kind of topupable credit cards, prepaid credit cards are prohibited. If you feel that some item is not allowed, but it is actively listed, use the Report button, and we review it.

Why Vendors cannot buy anything?

ToRRez market disable purchasing on Vendor’s account for security reasons. If the Vendor wishes to purchase on the market, opening a new, fresh account is necessary. The same goes for the user who wants to become a Vendor. After user purchases an item, changing account type is blocked. In such case opening a new, fresh account is also necessary.