CryptoMixer is a mixing service with it’s own unique algorithms. This service has it’s own mobile version and it is readily available on mobile devices and developers can utilize its API. This service provides a “Letter of Guarantee” for every transaction in the system.

  • This service has reserves of 2,000BTC allowing for large transactions;
  • This service charges low commissions, with a good discount system;
  • This service offers an affiliate program;
  • This service offers round the clock technical support;
  • This service offers the ability to configure the percentage of how funds are distributed and delays in execution;
  • With this service you can replicate input and output bitcoin addresses.
Launch Date 2016
Main Link
Tor Mirror http://cryptomixns23scr.onion/
Status Active
User Perception Positive

CryptoMixer FAQ

CryptoMixer FAQ

How long is the CryptoMixer address valid for?

Incoming addresses are valid for about 24 hours. All related data is deleted after a 24 hour period. Any future payments to the incoming addresses are ignored.

Are logs kept?

According to them they do not keep logs of any type. They do not store any information that can be used to identify their users. Logs are wiped out on a regular basis to add to organizational efficiency and security of users that rely on the service to maintain their privacy.

The complete FAQ is available here.

Always mix your bitcoins or pass them through monero before using them on any dark web links and dark web markets.