Nexus is a term derived from the word “nexus” which signifies a deep connection, linking buyers and vendors in the darknet industry. With a strong ambition to become the core and center of the darknet community, this upcoming platform aims to consolidate the scattered marketplace and render a seamless experience for its users. Anticipated to launch in late 2023, Nexus Market emerges as a promising contender in the wake of the recent disappearances of Tor2Door, Royal Market, and M00nkey Market. As the darknet strives to adapt to the evolving landscape, Nexus Market steps in to fill the void left behind by its predecessors.

Launch Date 2023
Main Link s7qogwcqfmi5cni44vtwavkfc7zoxikq6dimndhgtc4awwxufl2nlfyd.onion
Security Good
2 Factor Authentication YES
Multisignature YES
Finalize Early YES
Vendor Bond
Forced PGP
User Perception Good
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General Terms of Use for NEXUS Market

Greetings from the NEXUS Market Team. We are committed to ensuring an honest and positive environment for all our users.

By registering on NEXUS Market, you are agreeing to abide by the following terms:

Conduct and Communication

Offensive, disrespectful, or inappropriate language directed at customers, administrators, or support staff will not be tolerated.
Disrespectful or immoral communication will face consequences.

Content Restrictions

The distribution, promotion, or sale of child pornography, violent acts (including rape), and animal abuse materials is strictly prohibited.
No promoting or soliciting of murder, torture, or harm towards any living being.
Do not list or sell offensive or defensive weapons, explosives, or related items.

Drug Policies

The sale of fentanyl, its derivatives, or synthetic drugs containing such compounds is banned.
Vendors must declare their synthetic drugs as 100% free from fentanyl or its derivatives.
Accurate or near-accurate percentages of active substances in drugs must be disclosed.

Trading & Transactions

Encouraging trades outside of NEXUS Market, especially using platforms like Wickr, Telegram, or Signal is forbidden.
Creating false orders or reviews is prohibited and may result in a permanent ban.
Vendors are required to use original product images. Using another vendor’s images without permission is not allowed.
Misrepresentation of drug efficacy, selling fake or placebo drugs without clear labeling, and deceiving customers in any form is strictly forbidden.
Providing incorrect shipment information or tracking numbers is not allowed. Nexus Market Darknet

Other Prohibitions

Spamming, false alarms, or any kind of deceitful activity will not be tolerated.

The NEXUS Market Team understands that while most users are honest, there may always be a few who might misuse the platform’s anonymity. As a precaution, we recommend that users always remain vigilant and follow our safety recommendations to protect themselves from potential scams or fraudulent activities. Additionally, we advise keeping funds in Escrow until the order has been successfully fulfilled.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we wish you a safe and prosperous experience on NEXUS Market!

Warm Regards, NEXUS Market Team.