BitMix is rated as a top bitcoin mixer, it is completely automated with a minimal transaction amount of 0.005 BTC.

Features of the BitMix mixer:

  • No logs.
  • Mixing quality indicator.
  • Low fees that are customizable.
  • User delay execution.

Status: Active

Launch Date 2017
Main Link
Tor Mirror http://bitmixbizymuphkc.onion
Status Active
User Perception Positive

BitMix FAQ

BitMix FAQ screen
How does BitMix work?

BitMix already has pre-mixed bitcoins (or other alt-coins) prepared. All a user has to do is fill the form and send required amount of crypto coins to the receiving address. The prepared coins are automatically sent back to the user.

Does BitMix keep logs?

This service claims that no logs are kept and no personally identifying information is kept on their servers.

Is BitMix available on TOR?

This service is accessible through TOR and users are encouraged to use that link for improved privacy.

How many confirmations are required?

Just one confirmation.

What is the “randomize” option?

The “randomize” option allows users to receive more than one transaction back to their wallet from the service. Without utilizing the randomize option while use you will get one transaction with clear coins, but if this is enabled a user will receive 2 or more transactions for each output address. This makes blockchain analysis harder.

To utilize this option a minimum amount is needed:

At least 0.1000 BTC

At least 1.00 DASH

At least 1.00 LTC

Because this option increases the strain on resources, mining fee will be doubled. The commission will also be randomized, but it will not be higher than 1%.

BitMix review screen

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