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Abacus Forum is the community for all Darknet users. The main purpose is to build a solid and friendly community that allows all its members to communicate with each other. The forum allows each type of user to find their own space. Some boards are only visible for some types of users who want their posts to be visible and answered by other users of their same condition. Some other spaces though will be visible to you after you gain some reputation. Reputation is mainly acquired by contributing to the forum and getting promoted to higher ranks.

Launch Date 2021
Main Link abacusforafuhyaebalelwh3c2rojzjjkf7n2ubaxiaws5mxlcqjmdid.onion
Security Good

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Abacus Market

Creating your post in the appropriate board is important, in this way you help keep the community clean in addition to increasing your possibilities to get better answers.


Recent forum topics – last 10 topics created on forum.
Most popular topic – topic getting more answer in the last 24 hours.

Introduce Yourself! – is not compulsory, but feel free to introduce yourself here after registering on the forum.

Help – The Abacus Guide – on this board, we will be adding guides to help users to use the market and the forum, feel free to also help the community by creating your own guide and posting it to some other board, if the guide is good enough it will be published here, you will receive the contribution award!

The Market – Direct link to go to the market.

Announcements – is the board to read any official announcement.

TAGS Department – vendors are able to ask for their vendor tags here.

Contests – We will be publishing contests regularly within the time, with nice prizes!

Suggestion place – if you have a suggestion, post it here and if you like some other user suggestion make sure you comment on the topic!

Polling Place – if the suggestion got enough comments, we will transfer it to the polling place, where members with senator rank can vote to integrate it or not.

Request a New Board – any space missing on the forum? please suggest it here, and if it gets enough support, we will add it!

These boards above are the main one for Abacus administration. This is just the beginning of the forum though

The Forum – General talk for different type of topics related to drugs, legal issues, cryptocurrencies and more.

Society – General talk for entertainment topics as music, film and more.

Abacus World Communities – This world is full different languages and cultures and of course on Abacus everyone is welcome.

Abacus Cannabis Club – Cannabis lovers, this is your space!

Of course on this map, you cannot see boards that are private or only visible for higher ranks members, this is just what everyone can see once the register on the community.

We, together, all of us, going to create the most amazing community ever on Internet, this is just the beginning!

Users Ranks:

Contribute to the community will make you increase level.
Depending on your level you can access boards that before you did not even know that they exist, and you can access information that you couldn’t before. You can create topics that only users of your own rank or higher will reply. This makes these boards have much more valuable information than the boards in which everyone can reply. Many more advantages will be added within time, These are the current user ranks from lower to higher level.

Spectator – Users with 0 contributions, they seems to have just registered to be spectators.
Newcomer – Users with at least 1 post.

Alphabetian – Congratulations and welcome! After 20 posts you will be officially an Alphabetian and it means you really want to be part of the community. You can upvote and downvote posts, add links, attachments…

Next ranks:



Senior Alphabetian



Other ranks:

Vendor – Vendors official authorized on Alphabet Market

Legendary Vendor – Vendor with at least 1 year experience on Alphabet or used to vend on other markets as Alphabay, Dream

Senator – Users that can vote on the polling place, these users are offered their position by Abacus administrators.


We want your contributions to the community to be valued by everyone. These are just SOME of the current awards, much more are coming and they will
be given to you sometimes automatically depending of your actions (Example – activate 2-fa) and sometimes manually by alphabet administrators.

Cannabis Symbol – Users that proved good knowledge about cannabis use, this award is given manually by alphabet administrators. Mainly to cannabis club users.

3 Stars Review – Users that posts a review of their purchases from the market.

Peace symbol – users that have been on Abacus forum for a while and proved they are cool and not disrespectful to other users

Contributor – by making a guide, or any other contribution that helps Abacus users like reviews, or advices may get you this award.

Medal – given to users that won a contest.

LSD Art – given to users that proved good knowledge about drugs in general

Protection Helmet – users that keep helping on the harm reduction board.

And much more awards are available. You can also suggest new award to on the suggestion board.