South Korean Police

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency of South korea apprehended more than 500 people who are accused of buying or selling drugs on the dark web.

A press release made by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has disclosed that the police in Seoul was investigating the 521 suspects. They are suspected of engaging in drug trafficking through the darkweb. The South Korean police allege that the suspects bought or sold marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, and ketamine, among other drugs.

Weed seized in South Korea
Korea Drugs

The Police allege that at least 49 of the suspects arrested grew marijuana in South Korea or they imported the drugs from international dealers and distributed them through the darkweb. The remaining 472 allegedly bought drugs from darkweb vendors. Majority suspects are between the age of 20 and 30.

After arresting all of the suspects they detained 13 of them. The arrests of the suspects resulted in the seizure of $9.8 million in drugs, they seized 63.5 kg of marijuana , 316 cannabis plants, 33 grams of meth, 30 grams of cocaine, and 30 grams of ketamine. Investigators also seized cryptocurrencies worth $521,000.

South Korea weed

The police have been investigating someone suspected to be running a Korean darkweb drug shop.

The press release from korean authorities also said that South Korea’s Dark Web and Virtual Asset Special Investigation Team has been investigating suspected darkweb drug traffickers since August 2020.