A dutch father and son have both been sentenced to 42 months in prison for selling MDMA and other drugs on darknet markets.

The information was provided by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service, they both cooperated in selling and exporting MDMA, 2C-B, and cocaine through darkweb markets. The father was in control of the packaging and mailing while the son handled the vendor accounts.

Investigation into the duo’s trafficking operation started in June 2019, it began after customs intercepted outgoing drug packages. Four of the packages intercepted contained a total of 180 pills and 45 grams of MDMA, another package contained 500 pills of 2C-B, and another one contained 10 grams of cocaine.

The investigators viewed surveillance footage from the post offices used to mail the packages. By August 2019, investigators had successfully identified the father as the person responsible for mailing the seized packages of drugs. The duo, were unaware of the investigation into their activities, they continued to drop packages off at the post offices.

Investigators learned that the defendant had mailed more packages on August 6, 2019, and also on August 15, 2019. people working at the post offices recognized the father and they told investigators that he had regularly mailed packages from each location.

MDMA Pills

The investigators raided the fathers home on August 20, 2019. The homes were located in Appeltern and Beuningen. They found and seized the following from the Appeltern house:

6,795 grams of MDMA

32 grams of cocaine

39 grams of amphetamine

36 LSD tabs

351 grams of 2C-B.

From the Beuningen house they seized:

50 tabs of LSD

1.9 grams of MDMA

Both houses had special rooms dedicated to the packaging and storage of drugs. When searching the houses, authorities learned of the son’s involvement in the operation.

The same day, police searched the sons house. During the search, the police found and seized three USB drives. A forensic investigation of the seized storage devices lead authorities to discover evidence linking the son to at least two vendor accounts, namely “The Trip” and “The Flip.”

After their conviction, the court ordered that both of the duo serve prison sentences of 42-months, minus the time they served during pretrial detention. The court ordered the seizure of four BQ phones, “which are known to be commonly used in criminal circles,” according to the Public Prosecution Service.