UK Court

A judge in the United Kingdom has sentenced a Dream Market vendor “FatSam” to time served and community service without additional time.

The dark web vendor named Mohammed Ghani, has an address in Manchester, Ghani previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply a class C controlled drug, conspiracy to sell prescription medication and offering to sell goods with the sign or packaging which bears a sign that is identical or likely to be mistaken as a registered trademark of a product.

Ghani was identified after The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) conducted controlled purchases from the vendor “FatSam” on Dream Market. The MHRA officer made a controlled purchase from Dream Market vendor “FatSam” On June 25, 2018, The officer ordered 20 Ambien tablets and paid 0.0007 bitcoin and received them On July 1, 2018. The tablets had writings on the packaging which showed that the drugs were manufactured by a nonexistent company based in Liverpool. Analysis later revealed that the pills had 7.6 milligrams of Zolpidem in them.

Another MHRA officer placed another order with “FatSam” but he never received the drug’s package even though the order was marked as shipped.

Vendor FatSam

According to the prosecutor:

Enquiries were made at the Post Office to establish whether they were complicit, the postmaster confirmed they knew the defendant as ‘Azeem’, and said he told them he was posting beads his wife had made. They also confirmed he had purchased bought 50 first class stamps and said that during 2018 he began posting parcels and said he told them it was health supplements he had obtained from China. He was well known to the staff and permitted behind the counter, posted his parcels and the postmaster estimated the defendant had posted hundreds of parcels in all.

Investigators executed a search warrant on Ghani’s home on October 2018. They also searched a storage unit he had rented. Investigators recovered at least 7,500 pills from his home and 278,000 pills from the storage unit.

Ghani was sentenced to 18 months suspended for two years and 180 hours of community service.