Dark0de free vendor bond post

The Dark0de Reborn dark web market has exit scammed.

That is largely all there is to it as far as people know. It appears as if the market simply vanished. Which is fairly boring as far as exit scams go. It is worth noting that Dark0de Reborn had no relation to the original Dark0de forum which law enforcement seized in 2015.

Users of the review section on the Darknetlive marketplace page for Dark0de claimed the market exit scammed last week.

Someone on Twitter claimed that their marketplace password changed last week and they had used Dark0de’s official link.

If Dark0de had some massive OPSEC failure, I do not think it was public knowledge. So it might have been a general exit scam. It has been a long time since we have had a chaotic and fascinating exit scam such as the Nightmare Market exit scam wherein someone had hacked the market and was toying with users and staff.

Someone recently pointed out that Dark0de seemed large due to their inflated presence on forums and websites with banner ads but actually had fewer transactions than other markets that do not have as much of a presence on the darknet. Most darkweb markets fake the number of users and reviews on their platform. The best metrics for comparing marketplace transaction volume is looking at the transaction counts of vendors with profiles on multiple marketplaces.