German Police

Bavarian authorities have taken down a group of drug dealers accused of selling large quantities of drugs purchased on dark web markets.

Bavarian State Criminal Police Office, took down the suspects, they were working in partnership with the Criminal Police Station (KPS) Garmisch Partenkirchen. They arrested four men who were aged 35, 30, 24, and 27. They were taken down for allegedly running a drug trafficking operation connected to the dark web from their houses.

In early February investigators intercepted a suspicious package addressed to the suspects, they started the investigation when they intercepted this package. The package had 10 kilograms of amphetamine in it. Investigators made a controlled delivery to the suspects home in Bvaria.

After investigators delivered the package, they continued to monitor the suspect’s activities so that they could identify other suspects involved in the drug trafficking operation. They were able to identify three more suspects: two Germans aged 24 and 30 and a Greek who was 27 years old.

How Bavarian police arrested the suspects

The police acquired and executed arrest warrants on the suspects. Police searched their residence after arresting them. From these searches they seized:

  • 1 kilogram of amphetamine;
  • 20,000 euros in cash;
  • gold and silver bars.
Bavarian Police