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Yellow Brick Market, was dubbed “the ugliest darknet market to date,” disappeared with bitcoin belonging to the users of the marketplace. At the moment of writing this it is unclear if they exit scammed or if they were arrested.

Yellow Brick Market has a history of randomly going offline for extended periods of time. This happened in June 2019, when they stayed offline for a long enough time. This made many dark web users say that it was an exit scam. After the extended break Yellow Brick Market and said that it never exit scammed.

This has happened again, this market has left without providing a warning for its users.

Yellow Brick Market, the ugliest darknet market to date, has disappeared stealing all of its users’ cryptocurrency. It was a mid-sized cryptomarket, never a big player. Are ugly sites more or less likely to scam?


As there is little information available to the public, nobody knows if the market exit scammed or if the Yellow brick Market admins were arrested by law enforcement. As DarkDotFail said on his Twitter account, there is the chance law enforcement arrested those in charge of the dark web market. When markets are seized there is always a seizure notice, but this does not happen all the time.

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A prominent example is RAMP, or Russian Anonymous Marketplace, this market disappeared in July 2017. Login issues that stemmed from constant denial of service attacks led it’s users to believe the market’s administration had exit scammed with funds belonging to it’s users.

Two months after it’s disappearance, in September 2017, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that it seized the market.

Yellow Brick Market, in 2019, went offline for more than a week. After returning, they cited maintenance as the reason. In 2019, they vanished again, this time for days. They might return again.