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If you are a vendor from the now defunct DarkMarket, you can get a free vendor account on Dark0de Market. According to a post on the subdread /d/Dark0deReborn by the administrators of Dark0de market (/u/Dark0deReborn ), refugees from DarkMarket can get a free vendor bond.

The post about free vendor bonds by /u/Dark0deReborn

Dark0de free vendor bond post

In this post:

  • Free Vendor Bonds
  • Free Premium Buyer Bonds
  • New FE Vendor Bond

Here we are, January 12 2021, going into a new year with renewed hope and light at the end of the tunnel. But for many vendors the situation may be different with the ending of Dark Market.

This is why we have decided to keep entry to starting business on Dark0de 100% free. This means all vendors bonds and all premium buyer bonds will be free for the time being. We know it has been a difficult time for many both emotionally and financially and we want to give people the opportunity to expand their business and their financial situation.

We currently already have 800+ vendors and closing in on 90.000 users. This is a great base for any vendor to step in and take advantage of the current/fast growth of Dark0de and simply make some money again. Because 2021 is supposed to be the year of hope and change we do not believe in asking people to pay in order to start business on Dark0de Market.

Basically what it comes down to is this:

  • Free Basic, Gold or Diamond vendorship based on previous vendor experience.
  • Free Premium buyer bonds until the end of January
  • Vendor who are just starting out: Please contact us directly to see what we can offer you

(A Premium buyer can create Specific Product Request Listings on Dark0de)

Just create an account on Dark0de and send us a message on Dread or Open a support ticket to claim your Vendor Bond Waiver or Premium Buyer Bond Waiver.

For the time being these entries will all remain free of cost and we will update everyone in advance if we decide to revert back to cost for entry. For now, you can request your free bond by sending a message to our support staff here on dread or on Dark0de Market.

FE Bond
For all vendors who put hard work in and were on their way to getting and FE status on Darkmarket or for the ones who already had it. Please read this post asap: /post/8b5f5bb12c862d55354b

PS: At Dark0de we offer Escrow and FE but we also support Full MultiSig Payments and even DeadDrops. This means you will have much more control over your money!

We hope our efforts will help get you started in the new year!


Team Dark0de

DarkMarket refugees can take advantage of this and get free vendor bonds.

A lot of vendors seem to have taken up the free vendor bond offer and you can look at Dark0de market for any vendors that were on DarkMarket.