A 26 year old man from Achern, Germany who purchased drugs from the dark web and resold them for more than two years has been sentenced to prison. The 26 year old was discovered after an investigation into bulk amphetamine trafficking resulted in his identification.

In a bid to escape during his arrest, the 26 year old bit a police officer.

Law enforcement searched the defendant’s apartment and this search yielded more than enough evidence for a successful conviction. He was convicted on 20 charges related to narcotics trafficking and possession.

During the house search there was an altercation with law enforcement officers. The 26 year old defendant “verbally abused” officers with “vicious” insults. He directed his dog to attack officers, and attempted to grab the service weapon of one of the officers, in the ensuing scuffle he bit one officer. Police officers said they were “beaten” by the defendant.

After beating the police officers he was driven to a hospital for a blood test; officers assumed that he ingested amphetamine. He escaped while he was being guarded and evaded arrest for days before he was eventually caught.

He faced 32 charges, most of which were in connection with his possession of amphetamine. New charges were added for his interaction with the police who arrested him.

During the sentence hearing, the defendant explained in court that he turned to drug trafficking after losing his job. He started with personal consumption and started distributing to support his expensive habit. He told the court he had a dependency on one of the substances he sold and requested for rehabilitation to treat his dependency. A doctor certified the his claim about dependency and suggested that treatment in place of incarceration would be an appropriate sentence.

The government prosecutor asked the court to sentence the defendant to four years for the drug crimes. According to the prosecutor, the defendants actions when he was arrested increased the severity of the crimes.

The defendant’s attorney accused the police of incompetence. He accused the police of only guessing the quantities of a lot of the substances found in his client’s apartment, which resulted in completely inaccurate charges. He argued that the judge should dismiss some of the drug charges because the quantities were not correct.

The prosecutor requested a forfeiture of more than 13,000 euros from the defendant. The defendant argued that authorities arrived at that figure using inaccurate data. During sentencing, the judge, ordered the forfeiture of only 5,660 euros.

Sentence for Amphetamine distribution

The defendant was sentenced to three years in prison. The actual time behind bars will vary and is depends on the duration of rehabilitation.

The defendant apologized for his actions during the police search of his apartment.

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