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Are there any alternatives to Is there a way to change your bitcoin to Monero anonymously before you use them on the dark web? We are here to answer these question. was a truly unique service, the service has been operating for half a decade and has been loyal to the Monero community. But on February 1st they announced that they are shutting down because of the increasing difficulty in running their service legally.

While there is no service that is exactly like, there are a number of services that we hope can fulfill the role of

Disclaimer: has not tested these services myself and can’t vouch for them. However hopes that you can find some gems in here.

A good place to find a list of exchange services that do not require KYC is

Top 5 Alternatives to

Kilos Coin Swap

Kilos Coin Swap is a service that belongs to the kilos Darknet Market Search Engine.

They offer low fees, high security, and fast transaction times. What makes the Kilos Coin Swap service different is that they operate exclusively on TOR and do not have any clear-net links. They PGP sign all coin summaries so you can be sure that it comes from them.

This takes the number one spot on our alternatives to list for it’s anonymity.

Onion Link: http://dnmugu4755642434.onion/coinswap

Alternatives to CoinSwap

the second entry in the alternatives to list is MorphToken, a service that takes one crypto-currency and changes it to another cryptocurrency. It does not require user accounts, allowing you to quickly exchange multiple assets.

With Morphtoken you can convert:

XMR to receive BTC.

Send LTC to receive a percentage in BTC and another percentage in XMR. E.g: 80% BTC and 20% XMR.

Forward without conversion, e.g. send ETH to receive 50% in ETH for address 1 and another 50% in ETH for address 2.

Presently MophToken accepts: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BitcoinCash (BCH aka BCHN), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), Monero (XMR).


Alternatives to MorphToken

The third service on the list of alternatives to is, This is a service that prides itself on Anonymity, They do not require registration or collect any data on it’s users.

You can exchange bitcoin with other Crypto currencies on this service. They support high volume transactions, and offer a high upper limit for each single exchange.

The service is also available on the Tor network. They offer a Javascript free onion mirror. They do not collect or require any data from our users. Their databases are wiped on a regular basis.


Onion Link: http://xchangen24yn24b6.onion

The fourth service is FixedFloat, they plan to be in the business long term offering speedy crypto currency exchange speeds with complete automation

They hope to be recognized as reliable and trusted partners in the world of crypto-currency digital assets. Their mission is to simplify the process of exchange through practical and scalable solutions that make the crypto economy work.


Fixed Float is an exchange service that enables HUMANS and AI to shift between 30+ cryptocurrencies. Users can swap between coins with fast and easy user experience, no user accounts are required.


Alternative to Sideshift