Euros darkweb

An Austrian waiter has managed to avoid prison time after he was sentenced for purchasing counterfeit euros on the darkweb and circulating them in the city of Tyrol, Austria.

At his hearing, the young man told the court that he lost his job as a waiter in the coronavirus lock-down and out of boredom he researched the darkweb. During his research he discovered the possibility of obtaining counterfeit notes on the darkweb. He said he could not resist the temptation of buying euros on darkweb markets.

His former employer attended the hearing and he told the court that he had always trusted the defendant with his money.

He told the court that he had only circulated the counterfeit euro notes outside of his former place of employment. The police searched the defendant’s house earlier this year, and they found two counterfeit 50-euro notes. He admitted purchasing the counterfeits and using them during questioning.

The judge said: “You are not making it easy for me,”. He was sentenced to 10 months of conditional imprisonment and a fine of 1,440 euros.