The administrators of Potluck market have announced that they are closing the Potluck market. According to a PGP signed message posted on dread by /u/Florida:

Dear all

After the recent scandal, our admin got some death threats and was also threatened that our market logs have been sent to LE. Multiple throwaway jabbers were used for these threats. We are not accusing that blonger is behind these threats, maybe some trolls are taking the advantage of the situation. We’re indifferent to threats, but admin is very upset that he mistakenly hired a person with questionable interests decided to close PotLuck, officially.

It is important to note that Potluck has no on-site wallets and we do not hold any currency in escrow. No-one is losing a dime. Potluck was coded from scratch after many sleepless nights. After recent exitscams, we got few good vendors. We’re also getting new staff requests and few good users have approached us to invest in our project but we don’t feel comfortable in running it anymore.

Finally, I’d like to advice all new markets that do not hire anyone just because they’re friendly & they promise to send few vendors to the market. There is a group of people asking for jobs at every new market, I won’t name anyone but if you’re a new market, you’re already approached by them for jobs, they apply for jobs as soon as market is launched. I’d say BE CAREFUL and don’t make a mistake we did.

Admin thanked /u/vibecheck for his efforts,ethics and thankless job. He also appreciated him for being a wonderful staff member.

Thank you.


potluck dread

/u/Florida explaining why potluck was closed.

We’ve announced that we’re closing Potluck market, which has been online from last six months. Read official announcement here: /post/03702606d5b23edb2a95

An important tip for new market admins.

Markets are launched after putting too much efforts, spending many sleepless nights and investing a good amount of financial resources. When you launch a market, you’re generally very excited about your project and you think you’d be a millionaire soon. But reality is always disappointing.

There are so many mistakes new markets make but top of all is hiring an inexperienced or swindling staff member. List is very long but few examples are: Empire hired an admin of another market invited a spy in their network, Empire also hired a phisher, Cryptonia hired a serial exit-scamming vendor as dispute mod, Dark market hired a federal agent but worst of all we hired a paedophile(main reason we’re closing the market). Markets are generally spammed by some dread users looking for jobs, who can be called market job spamming gang.

Most of these manipulative applicants promise to share intel they claim to have about other markets, send vendors to your market and promise to send all their friends to your market. Some of them will also claim to work previously on other markets but will never verify that and if questioned, would say they can’t reveal it for OpSec reasons. Sure OpSec is a good thing but using manipulative tactics and lies to get a job on a market is massive red flag.

New markets should always verify their staff before hiring. Some markets hire people because they are friendly, good luck, feds are most friendly, hire one of them. Launching a market is easy but running a market is very tough, a single mistake can kill your project and your dream of becoming a millionaire.


Potluck market staff.

P.S: We’re neither relaunching nor creating another market.

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